Branded Friends: Who am I to you?

(Proyek Cross-Blogging Alia – Sesek)

By Alia

How many times do we judge people?
Almost every time.

And usually, we judge them first by their outer appearance.
In the first 10 seconds, we would’ve already “branded” our friends.

These days in the Internet age world,
We can find new friends from chat, blogs, mailing lists,
forums, networking sites like Friendsters, Orkut and so on.

Yet although we can’t even see our “virtual friends” appearance,
we still judge them by their “first impression.”
Their nickname, their words, their blog layout, their avatar, their pictures, their testimonials.

With that first impression, we begin to have
a certain image for our “virtual friends”.

We give them a certain “brand”.
Either a good brand or a bad brand.

For example, to me :
Laluna Maya is a Madonna. Outspoken and rebellious.
Rangga is a Fiat. Driven by Passion.
Sesek is an A-Mild. Bukan Basa Basi. :P

But those brands emerged only from first impressions.
And of course, first impressions can be deceiving.

And that goes for both the real and virtual life.

Even though people say, it’s the first impression that counts.
I say, don’t make it stick forever.

As you cannot judge a book by its cover,
You can’t also know a whole person in 10 seconds. :P

From my own experience, I learned that girls
who have the most innocent faces
are usually the naughtiest, back-stabbing girls.

And guys who are smooth-talkers, and are very confident
and act as though they are “all that”
are the worst jerks in the world.

You might only know me through my words.
I might only know you through your words.

Yet as I might have branded you,
I wonder what have you branded me?


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Diki Satya said...

Am still not sure on what to comment. But I feel damn good reading this.


Anonymous said...

I brand you as... The Confusing One. Hahahaha... j/k, Ally! :P

chaard's chat said...

tukeran tempat duduk juga ma sesek!
sblah gue lho, al!

(komennya sama di dua blog! ga kreatip!)


Diki Satya said...

Now that i know what to say,

Alia is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Alia said...

Anonymous: Hellow there coward!
Ha ha ha

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